Why Should You Invest in a Fortified Roofing System?

The storms we face in Alabama and Tennessee are severe, and it only takes one weather disaster to significantly damage your roof! The key to minimizing the potential impact of extreme weather rests in the quality of your roof. A well-designed and properly installed FORTIFIED Roof™ can protect your home from high winds, hail, rain, and more.

A fully-fortified roof is more than just a good investment — it’s a surefire way to protect your family from the damaging effects of thunderstorms and severe weather. Ridgeline Roofing & Restoration are fortified roofing providers in Alabama and Tennessee. Contact us today to get started!


What is a Fortified Roofing System?

A Fortified roofing system is a unique construction upgrade composed of high-quality materials, scientifically researched storming solutions, and exemplary installation standards. The purpose of this system is to provide an extremely durable and long-lasting roof that can withstand the test of time. The two primary components of a fortified roofing system are a strong base layer and a thick top layer, aka the deck and shingle/tile.

With a high level of resistance to damage, a FORTIFIED Roof™ is ideal for homeowners searching for peace of mind knowing their home will remain safe during potential natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornadoes.


How Can It Benefit Your Home?

The benefits of a fortified roofing system are endless. Typical construction leaves your home vulnerable, while a FORTIFIED Roof™ will ensure your property is safe and provide peace of mind.

1. Increase the Resiliency of Your Property.

A Fortified Roofing System is designed to be more resilient and durable than a traditional roofing system; your property will be protected during catastrophic weather conditions, from giant hail to strong winds to heavy rainfall. Not only does it protect your home from the weather, but it also helps prevent leaks and other problems that can lead to costly repairs or replacements.

2. Reduce the Risk of Injury in Your Home.

Make your home the safest place to be in the event of a storm with a Fortified Roofing System. Reduce the risk of injury to family members who live in or visit your home. With a strong foundation and thick top layers, your family will be better protected during a hazardous storm.

3. Increase the Resale Value of Your Home.

Increase the resale value of your home by ensuring that potential buyers know exactly what they’re getting with a fortified roofing system – a safe investment!


How Do We Achieve These Benefits?


Stronger Edges

A roof’s edge is often the first place where damage occurs. Fortified Roofing Systems protect this vulnerable area with specific materials and installation methods, ensuring you have a more substantial edge system.

Sealed Roof Deck

If your roof deck is improperly installed, it has the potential to be ripped off by the wind. When the wood beneath is exposed, water enters your home and guarantees costly repair. Ridgeline Roofing requires roof decks to be sealed to prevent water damage.

Better Attachment

Fortified Roofing Systems utilize materials that ensure better attachment. Instead of common smooth nails, our roofing contractors use ring-shank nails to help keep the roof deck attached to your home in high winds.

Impact-Resistant Shingles

We require our shingles to be tested by IBHS  to ensure that your roof can withstand hail up to two inches in diameter. We strive to protect your home through research and quality assurance.

How Do You Get a Fortified Roofing System?

You’ll need to contact a certified roofing contractor to install a FORTIFIED Roof™. The team at Ridgeline Roofing & Restoration is a certified Fortified Roofing System installer in Central Alabama and Tennessee. We will be able to provide you with the best options for your home and explain how we plan on installing it. We ensure that our team is adequately insured, has quality customer service, solid workmanship warranties, and is bonded.

Let Ridgeline Roofing & Restoration Install Your Fortified Roofing System

A fortified roofing system is a great way to protect your home and family during catastrophic weather events. It can increase the lifespan of your roof, reduce energy costs and make it more resilient against damage from windstorms or other natural disasters. 

If you’re looking for a new roofing system, contact the team at Ridgeline Roofing & Restoration today. We look forward to strengthening your home and giving you peace of mind.