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Ridgeline Roof Replacement Process

What to expect.

The Ridgeline Roofing in Charlotte Process – What To Expect

Work Schedule – Our roofers will arrive at your house earlymorning and will work until the job is complete or until it is dark. Rest assured that we will not leave your roof open overnight; if we do not finish the roof during our work day then we will make sure it is protected before we leave for the night.

Materials – We will have the needed roofing materials delivered on the same day that we are scheduled to replace your roof. We prefer that they be placed on your driveway close to your house.

Dumpster – We use two methods of roof debris removal. We may use a stationary 20yd dumpster or a dump trailer pulled behind a pick-up truck. Either method will require that the dumpster be placed on your driveway within close proximity of your house.

Setup – Upon arrival, our roofers will begin to prepare the job site for work. They will move any items that they feel could be damaged from falling debris, setup protection for the plants and a/c units and spread tarps on the lawn to capture the roof debris.

Roof Removal – Once setup is complete, our roofers will begin the process of removing the ridge vent, shingles, felt and nails from your roof. While they are removing there are ground guys moving the debris from the ground into the dumpsters.

Deck Inspection – Once the roofing material is off and the roof deck is exposed, our crew can then determine if there is any damaged decking and replace with new decking accordingly.

Roof Installation – With the deck clean and in good condition, our crew begins to install the actual roofing system. They begin by installing the underlayment then the shingles, replacing flashing as needed along the way. We will replace all of the vent pipe flashing boots and seal all penetrations with high quality roofing caulk.

Final Cleanup – While cleanup is ongoing throughout the entire process, at the end of the project is when we do the detailed cleaning. We clean out the gutters, plant beds and yard, picking up related debris and doing a final sweep of affected areas with a magnet to capture stray roof nails. We put back into place all items that we moved out of harms way at the beginning of the job.

End of Job – All left over roofing material will be consolidated into one area, out of your way, and be picked up and removed from your property the following business day. The dump trailer will be removed when the crew leaves your property. If there is a stationary dumpster, it will be removed the following business day by the dumpster company.

Billing/Payment – We do not expect payment immediately upon completion. Our office will mail out to you an invoice along with your warranty booklets and information.

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Homeowner Considerations During Roof Replacement

Noise/Trash/Stress – Going through a roof replacement can be a stressful event. There are workers all over your property. There is the noise of the shingle removal, the nail guns and the air compressors. There are tarps hanging from your roof over your plants covering your lawn. There are trucks and cars crowding your driveway and there is trash. There is no pretty way to do this job. Be prepared for these things and know that you do not need to stay while we work. We do not need access to the interior of your home.

Attic – Be prepared for some small roof debris dropping into the attic during the roofing process. If there are items that you are concerned with, we recommend covering them with a tarp or blanket.

Wall Decorations – The roof process may create some vibrations throughout the structure of the house. We recommend that if you have items sitting on a wall shelf or hanging on a wall that could possibly fall as a result of vibration to secure those items until the work is complete.

Pets – As you can imagine, there will be a great amount of noise and debris while the work is taking place. Please consider how this might affect your pets and plan accordingly. It may be difficult to take them out during the process for a bathroom break because of dangers such as nails and falling debris.

Yard – If possible, it is helpful to our crews if the grass is cut prior to our arrival. This helps with the cleanup process and the magnetic sweeping of the yard for stray roofing nails.

Yard/Deck/Patio Items – Every house has some sort of furniture, grill, potted plant, bird feeder, etc.. that may be in the way of roofing debris coming from the roof. We will move the items that we feel are in danger and protect those things that can't be moved to the best of our ability. Once the job is complete we will move the items back into their original position. Please let us know if there is something in particular that you are most concerned about.

Driveway/Garage/Cars – During the roof process, we will fully occupy your driveway as a staging area for the roofing materials and also the dumpster for the debris. Therefore, you will need to make plans to move any vehicle that you plan on using to an alternate parking location. This also assures that we are able to clear any stray nails prior to you using your driveway. We arrive early, so you may want to move your vehicles the night before we arrive.

Satellite Dishes – We must remove the dish while we replace the roof. Be prepared for the possibility that you will not have access to its services during the roofing process. We do reinstall the dish after the roof is completed and have been fairly successful in reacquiring signal, but we can not guarantee it. You may need your service provider to come out to reestablish service once we are done.

Electricity – Our crews will need access to an electrical outlet in the event that we must replace decking or cut an opening for the ridge vent. Please let our crew know where there is an outlet for this use.

Safety - Ridgeline strongly recommends that you do not enter or exit the house during the roofing process without first alerting a member of the roofing crew so that we can temporarily halt all roofing activity and ensure your safe ingress or egress. This procedure must be followed during the entire re-roofing process but it is especially applicable during the roof removal process.

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