How Much Should Your New Roof Cost In Charlotte?

This tool is designed to estimate the cost of a residential roof replacement in Charlotte, NC. Your total cost will vary with the choice of materials, dimensions, steepness and complexity of your roof.

How To Use Our Calculator

1. First you need to enter the dimensions of the section of roof that you want to estimate in feet.

2. Select the steepness of your roof. Think of it like this; Low = Easily Walkable, Medium = Can Walk With Difficulty, Steep = Not Even Trying To Walk On It.

3. Next choose the complexity of your roof. Simple Gable = Really Simple Roof With Minimal Sections or Angles, Very Complex = Lots of Angles, Many Valleys and Dormers, etc...

4. Lastly, choose your desired roofing material.

Please note that the estimated amount is based on your inputs and serves as a reference point of how much you should expect to pay for a roof replacement in Charlotte.

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