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May 3, 2017
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May 7, 2017

Replacing Your Charlotte Roof? Read This First!

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Are you thinking about replacing your Charlotte roof? Looking at different Charlotte houses will let you observe different roof types. There are different styles that each looks unique and has a character of its own. The styles add more character based on the roofing materials used by your Charlotte roofer. Although the main purpose of the roof is to protect the structure, it also adds to the overall aesthetics of the house.

Flat Roofs

It is considered the simplest and oldest of all roof types. These are commonly used among commercial buildings. This kind of roof is easy to build but then requires high maintenance in the long run. Water and debris accumulates in the roof since it doesn’t have any slopes.

Sloping Roofs

This roof type is commonly seen in Charlotte residential houses. The roof is either slightly or completely tilted. Because of the slope, water and debris doesn’t accumulate and instead washed down.

Gable Roofs

This is the typical house roof. It is the most famous among all other roof types. The roof has two sloping sides with the same angle that meets in the middle. This looks like a perfect triangle when seen from afar.

Salt Box

It is best suited for houses. New Charlotte houses nowadays have this type of roof because of its overall look. It has an interesting character because it looks like a lopsided triangle.

Gambrel Roof

This is a Dutch inspired roof style. It is also known as the “barn” style roof. It is similar to gable roof but with a change in slope partway up your roof. One advantage of this roof type is that it maximizes the floor space in your attic.

Mansard Roof

This roof type is also similar to gable roof. But it has 4 slopes on different sides of the house. The style is originally from France.

Pyramid Roof

It is considered as the most stylish and modern compared to other roof types. As their name implies, they look like pyramids. It is well suited for small structures such as houses and pool houses.

Hip Roof

The hip roof also has four slopes like the pyramid roof. The difference is that the slopes of the hip roof do not meet at a single point. It slopes down to the eaves on the four sides of the house. They are also suitable for small structures.

These are just some of the common Charlotte roof types you see every day. The style of your roof will always depend on your personal taste. Whatever you choose, make sure that it meets all your needs — after all its main purpose is for protection.

Charlotte Roof Replacement

Remember, when choosing a roofer to do your work, check for BBB Accreditation and that they are fully insured. You never want to pick a roofer that forces you to pay a deposit before the work is done.

Charlotte’s premier roofing company is Ridgeline Exteriors. We are an A+ BBB Accredited Business, are fully insured, require no deposits, and are licensed general contractors in North and South Carolina.