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We offer you exceptional seamless gutters for your home or business. Serving the greater Charlotte, NC area for over a decade, we provide 5" and 6" seamless gutters custom made onsite to fit your home's dimensions. We also provide gutter cleaning, gutter repair and gutter covers to prevent leaves and other objects from clogging your gutters.

We’ve built our reputation on quality work and reliable services and products. We stand behind every one of our jobs and provide all of this for a price you can’t beat. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our customers. We’ll discuss every detail of your individual job or project to make sure we provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. We take on every job with the strongest work ethic, and strive to get it right the first time.

When you call Ridgeline for gutter services, we’ll first provide you with a free estimate, and then sit down and discuss with you all of your options from products to material selections. We make sure each of our clients receives an individual solution to their rain gutter issues.

If you live in the Charlotte metropolitan area, and you have a gutter job that requires top notch service, quality products and customer service that is second to none, call Ridgeline Exteriors, Inc. and find out how we can help.

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Seamless Gutters Are Essential To Your Charlotte Roofing System.

Okay, We have got your roofing issues squared away and the rain water is now running off of your roof, (rather than through it), and falling from the eaves of your house onto the ground below at your foundation.

That is good, but it is not great...yet.

Uncontrolled rain water, caused by downpours of a Charlotte storm, can wreak havoc to your home. Over time, you may see soil erosion around the foundation and water begin to seep into the crawl-space of your home. This water intrusion into your home, while not noticeable to you, can strongly impact your wallet. The condition under your living quarters has now become an environment where, among other things, termites, carpenter-ants, rodents and mold can thrive. We have all heard the horror stories surrounding these infestations and none of them end cheaply. There is always an expensive remedy.

Uncontrolled rain water can also damage your home's siding, doors, door frames, window frames, garage doors, etc..

To minimize your exposure to the risks associated with free falling water from your roof, we recommend that an adequate rain gutter system be installed onto your home. A gutter system large enough with enough downspouts to handle the heavy rains that we experience periodically here in Charlotte.

The next time it rains, wouldn't it be comforting to know that your water concerns are being taken care of by the combination of a beautiful, durable roofing system that incorporates a rain water controlling gutter system?

We at Ridgeline Exteriors, are experienced and qualified to help you to control the rain water and direct it away from your home. Contact us today to evaluate your particular situation and let us design a gutter system that will help protect both, your home...and your wallet.

Gutter FAQ's

1What colors are available for my seamless gutters?

In the past, you would need to paint gutters to get the color that you want. Today, there are many colors available. We can bring you samples of all colors so that you can hold up to your house for comparison. Here are the available colors for reference. The actual colors may look slightly different depending on your computer monitor's resolution.

Gutter Colors
2Why is the wood behind my gutters rotted? Can it be repaired?

Fascia boards, (wood behind gutter), usually rots due to the lack of the gutters being cleaned and the water overflowing over the back of the gutter.

In rare cases this wood can become rotted due to the roof being too short in areas where the rainwater is not making it into the gutter and constantly leaks behind the gutter.

And yes... the rot behind the gutter can be repaired during gutter replacement. We cut out the rotted section and replace with new section of the same sized wood and if needed, we wrap in aluminum to match exiting.

3How long will it take to install my gutters?

Except for rare instances, your new gutters will be installed in one day.

Extremely large complex jobs may take two days as will jobs needing extensive wood rot repair.

4How are the gutters attached to my house?

Our gutters are fastened with a special type of hidden hanger (bracket) which is hidden inside the gutter and attached to your home/building using a lag screw. Since a screw and not a nail is being used, it will not pull away from the house, sag or become off pitch as a nailed in gutter would.

5What are some common Gutter terms?
Downspout:The vertical pipe that runs down the length of your house, carrying rainwater from the gutter to the ground (or a drain)
Drop outlet:A hole (formed by pieces of the gutter) that the water from the gutters travels through to wash travel through the downspout and away from your home
Eaves: The part of a roof that projects beyond the wall that support it. The soffit and the fasica make up the two main parts to an eave.
Elbow:A pre-finished angled piece for directing the flow of water.
End cap:The fitting or flat piece located at the end of a gutter section and closes off that section.
Fascia:A type of trim that runs horizontally along the roof’s eaves, providing a base for attaching the gutters (also called the fascia board).
Gauge:The thickness of a gutter (range is from .019 to .032 with the more ideal being .032).
Gutters:The horizontal pieces of your draining system connected to the edge of the roof that direct water away from your house.
Gutter Guards:Add to gutter system to prevent clogs and make sure rain and snow-melt runs freely.
Hanger:The flat strap installed under the roofing material to support the gutter and downspout (most common method of attaching gutters to a the house).
Pitch:The angle at which the gutter is tilted to direct water to the downspout.
Run length:Length (measured in feet) of the horizontal section of the gutter.
Run height:Height at which the gutter will be located (20 feet, 30 feet, etc) and used to determine the length of the downspout required.
Splash block:Concrete or plastic surface that is put under the downspout to channel water away from your home.
Strap:Flat hangers that are nailed into the side of the house to hold the downspout in place.
Valley Splash Guards: Guards installed on the gutter at the valley to keep water from overshooting the gutter during a heavy rain.
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