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May 7, 2017
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We get many calls from homeowners in the Charlotte area that are looking to have their roofs replaced by a reputable roofing company. For many of them, it’s due to an insurance claim against wind and hail. For others, it’s simply time to replace their roof. After all, the maximum lifetime of most asphalt shingles are 15-30 years.

Through these customers, we’ve heard and glanced at some of their roofing quotes from other companies around Charlotte. Some of the prices are simply unimaginable. Roofs that others are charging $20,000+ for are simple roofs that are done for less than $10,000.

Stop the Rip-offs! Use our Roof Replacement Calculator

Pricing a roof is a rather specific science. You take some measurements, you calculate pitch, you calculate your material prices, and you provide a turn-key price to the customer. This price should also account for the fact that you’re using an insured roofing company. It’s a simple process that any roofing company should be able to provide.

The point is – any homeowner, with basic knowledge, can also infer a ballpark estimate on replacing their roof, based on basic calculations. Any calculator provided is not always going to be 100% accurate, there’s always going to be other factors (did you measure each section of roof appropriately, etc). Roofs today are more cut-up than ever, and so measuring them is not as simple as one end of your house to the next.

Got an Exorbitant Quote? We’ll Help you get a Better Price with Ridgeline

Are you comparing roofing quotes right now, and dealing with multiple highly expensive quotes? Let us beat your price. We offer all the services of the $20,000 roof company with the prices of the $10,000 roof company. Locked in to a contract and worried that you cannot get out your expensive rate? Let us look at it – we’re happy to help customers make the best decision for their home. If we can help save you money, we will.

Check out our estimator here or use it at the top of the page.